Saturday, 4 August 2007

Saturday breakfast at Cronulla

Last Saturday morning and again today, Diane and I went to Cronulla for breakfast. Last week we went to Café Monz and today it was the Alley Break Café.

These open air cafes are located in the pedestrian mall overlooking North Cronulla beach and in the morning, provide a beautiful sunny spot to eat.

Both Saturdays, Diane has had pancakes and I have had bacon and eggs but both breakfasts have been quite different but very enjoyable.

After breakfast, we have gone for a walk along the sea shore. Last Saturday it was low tide and this morning high tide. There were lots of people enjoying the beautiful weather – but not too many ventured in to swim.

With recent storms, a lot of the sand has been washed from the beach with North Cronulla suffering the most damage. A number of the paths down to the beach have been closed as the beach level has dropped more than a metre.

South Cronulla has also lost a lot of sand, although this has just made the beach steeper and has not affected access.